Tyler T. Su

Human-Centered · Data-driven · Collaborative · Adaptive

I specialize in Design Research and Product Design, utilizing a multi-method approach of quant/qual frameworks.

Human-centered & Data-driven

Design research is a powerful toolset for innovating towards business goals. I am fortunate to have had many first-hand opportunities to see it support stakeholders while navigating ambiguity, deriving user needs, and validating product solutions. This process is deeply inspiring and exciting! I take great pride in the work I do and the opportunity to apply a human-centered and evidence-based approach to product development.

Collaborative & Team-Orientated

I have worked with different teams across many disciplines, teaching me to empathize as much with my team and stakeholders as I do the end users. I believe that effective communication and teamwork precedes all great design solutions, and so I invest just as much into my relationships with team members as I do product. My education background in Design, Computer Science, and Data Science has helped me bridge gaps in cross-functional environments, and become an effective collaborator and contributor.

Adaptive & Self-guided

Design is complex and ambiguous, so I approach each unique problem with a fresh process and a careful selection of methods. I am an avid listener, and fast learner. I approach all problems with a designer’s mindset -- experiment with different approaches, fail fast, and constantly reflect on past experiences to seek improvement.




Stanford University

B.S. Interaction Design & Engineering

Minor in Data Science


Google's 2017 ArtxTech Hackathon @ Stanford University
2nd Place

Designing for Accessibility Competition @ Stanford University
1st Place

National Academy of Engineering E4U





Data-driven Art

Jazz, Rock, and Blues

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