Tyler Su

Roblox Based in San Francisco, CA B.S. Design & Engineering at Stanford University

Tyler is a digital product designer building the metaverse


When I was little, I wanted to be an architect and design the spaces where people hangout everyday. Nowadays, we’re not hanging at the mall — we’re hanging online.

My belief and respect for communities and people are at the heart of my practice. Human-centered design is essential to nurture the safe, empowering, and inspiring digital spaces where we spend all of our time socializing, playing, and creating.

My work, code, and the design of this website are copyrighted. If you'd like to remix or reuse my work, please reach out!

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I’ve shipped products at agencies, early startups, and in-house design teams, small and large. For me, nurturing a welcoming space for collaboration is key to thinking differently and solving tough problems.

Design to me is...


...your intuition, your team, and the people you are designing for. At the heart of my creative process is people. I so deeply believe nurturing a space for collaborating & learning from others is key to empathy, thinking differently, and solving tough problems.


Design should be unafraid. It is an invitation to innovate, build better products, and create a more joyful, welcoming, and inspiring world. Design’s superpower is how it guides us under ambiguity and gives us the tools to create the world we want to exist.

and powerful.

I fell in love with the design because of its ability to change how people interact with the world around them, for the better. Such impact requires intentionality and respect for communities and people, a responsibility that not only guides my work but is the core of what motivates my craft.

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I am always seeking new opportunities to collaborate and grow. Feel free to drop me a note at tylersu.ts@gmail.com to connect.

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